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Watch Tools

We offer the best service in the watch material business. we carry all available brands of watch material including crystals. Our selection of Seiko and Pulsar parts and crystals is unsurpassed. Complete and expert crystal fitting is also offered. For fast and efficient service, send your next parts order to Cas-Ker, where material is out main business.

Bracelet Pin Pliers

One tool helps you size watch bracelets without the old "hammer and chisel" routine! Remove and replace pins without marring the bracelet or your fingers. Supplied with two pin pushers, each with a different size pin, 0.8mm and 1.0mm. Easy instructions included.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
461.001 $21.00


BERGEON Watch Case Opener for Rolex Oyster Watches

"Die-cast alloy tool includes: Adjustable case vise with non-mar plastic posts holds any shape of waterproof watch. Set of 6 milled tings with intermediate adapter for Oyster Cases.Ring diameters: 18.5, 20.2, 22.5, 26.5, 28.3, & 29.5mm. Two sleeper screws and wing nuts. Swiss made. The Best Opener made for Rolex Oyster Cases."
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.570 $399.00


BERGEON Watch Case Wrench for Rolex Watches

"Swiss made case wrench comes with six milled chucks, diameters 18.5. 20.2, 22.5, 26.5, 28.3 and 29.5mm to fit Oyster case backs manufactured by Rolex."
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.080 $118.00


BERGEON Watch Crystal Press

"Securely installs snap back cases, and outer tension ring and regular watch crystals. Die-cast press comes complete with 15 double sided straight wall metal dies 22mm to 36.5mm."
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.555 $269.95


BERGEON Waterproof Tester

Plexiglas cylinder is designed not to crack while tightening the knurled hatch knobs. Cylinder base is beveled and has additional O-ring gaskets to provide an airtight enclosure. And it's easy to dismantle for cleaning the hatch, cylinder and base. Test watches under normal conditions of wear without inducing water into the case. On the counter, the BERGEON tester enables you to give the customer a quick and convincing demonstration of the water resistance of a watch. In the workshop, this easy to use apparatus will be at hand whenever the watchmaker needs to check the water resistance of a watch case. Air pressure system. Tests up to 3 ATM (safe to 6 ATM). Newly designed Plexiglas cylinder with double seals. Dimensions: 245X150X310mm. Stable cast metal base. Opening diameter: 64mm. Capacity: two watches.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
550.555/98 $425.00


Practical Watch Repairing Manual

By Donald de Carle, FBHI. Contains 550 illustrations describing the theories and processes of repairing and adjusting the modern watch precisely and with meticulous detail. Hard cover, 299 pages.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
621.224 $39.50


BERGEON Watchmakers Screwdrivers Set of Nine

Nine premium Bergeon, color-coded set-screw screwdrivers with 9 spare blades and two extra set-screws in wooden box. Spare blades are individually packed in plastic tubes. OUT OF STOCK UNTIL 10/1/06.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
520.576 $95.00


Watchmakers Screwdrivers Set of Nine

Nine premium European, color-coded set-screw screwdrivers with 19 spare blades and two extra set-screws on a rotating stand. Rotating stand gives easy access for busy repairmen. Made in France.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
520.541 $49.95


Softy Work Mat

Cushioned surface is ideal for quartz watch repair and replacing cells. 11" x 14" white with non-slip backing. Antistatic, free from contamination. Protects delicate assembliesand depresses to give a sure grip on parts.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
130.371 $7.95


Plasticlean Quartz Cleaner

"Cleans plastic and metal quartz movements with one solution, easy -to-use." Cannot be shipped by air or outside of the continental U.S.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
230.233 $16.95


Battery Tester

"Simple, easy to use tester for button cells."
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
340.346 $9.95

Watchband and Strap Tool Kit.

Spring bar and buckle assortments.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
380.999 $99.00


KT-22 Microlubricant 1 oz.

"Never breaks down, creeps or bleeds. Completely vapor-seals the sleeve."
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
420.0300 $3.60


Watch Gasket Speed Lubricator

"Lubricate ""O"" rings quickly."
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
420.104 $7.95


Moebius Oil 8000 Mechanical

Classic watch oil for general use on mechanical watches.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
420.364 $11.00


Moebius Oil 9000 Quartz

Synthetic lubricant specially designed for general application in quartz analog watches.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
420.365 $24.85

Bergeon Rodico Dry Cleaner

"Special watchmakers cleaning product removes stains,surplus oils,dirt from precision parts."
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
420.603 $7.00

Silicon 7 Watch Sealant

This is a high vacum pressure waterproof watch case sealant.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
421.0340A $5.40


Watch Oilers Glass Fountain Set of Three - Black,Red,Blue

SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
421.146 $19.95


Watch Oilers Glass Fountain Set of Four - Black,Red,Blue,Green

SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
421.148 $26.50


Watch Dip Oilers Swiss Style Set of Four - Black,Blue,Green,Red

SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
421.260 $7.25


Bergeon Mesh Bracelet Cutters

"Cuts metal watch bracelets quickly and cleanly, even stainless steel."
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
460.575 $99.00


Strap Notchers

"Great for converting straps to fit Gucci, Swatch, and other high fashion watches."
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
460.816 $9.00


Watch Band Hole Punch Plier 6 in 1

Rotating punches make six different size holes:2.0,2.5,3.0,3.5,4.0,5.0mm.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
460.997 $19.95


Watch Strap Hole Punch- Economy

Ideal for adding holes in leather watchstraps.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
460.999 $5.95


Glass Crystal Polish Compound.

Renew glass watch crystals in minutes without removing crystal.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
470.220 $5.50


Pin Vise Double Ended

Reversible steel collets in each end.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
581.240 $6.05


Watch Press Multi - Purpose for Fitting Bracelet Pins

This Swiss made kit has everything you need for fitting metal bands.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.002 $129.95


Pin Pusher Economy - India

Economy. India.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.012 $3.95


Watch Case Opener Blade Style

For opening friction fit cases.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.047 $6.30


Watch Case Opener for Waterproof Cases L-G Master

"Opens any size or shape waterproof case, knurled,polygon,any number of slots or holes."
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.055 $52.00


Watch Case Wrench L-G Openall Waterproof

Designed to open R_L_X Oyster cases.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.0650 $75.00


Spring Bar Tool

Unique forked end with curved sharp points for hard-to-reach spring bars.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.068 $12.00


Watch Case Holder

Great value!
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.089 $5.75


Watch Case Wrench in Wooden Box - Jaxa Style

"Modeled after the famous JAXA, but quite a bit less expensive."
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.090 $12.95


Watch Crystal Lift

Replace round crystals without taking the watch apart.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.102 $14.95


Watch Crystal & Case Press

Securely installs snap back cases and outer tensionring and regular watch crystals.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.107 $189.95


Watch Band Tools - Set of Three

Handy for removing watchband pins.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.189 $14.95


Watch Case Holder Clamp

This case holder clamps on to the edge of your bench.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.201 $5.95


Pin Pusher for Bracelet Pins

Hardwood handle with hardened tool steel.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.230 $4.95

Pocket Case Wrench

This wrench has tempered pins for easy use on waterproof cases.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.255 $4.95


Swiss Army Knife for Watchmakers - Genuine

Wenger Swiss Army Knife specially designed for the watchmaker. Has 14 tools.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.263 $95.00

Citizen Case Opener

Genuine CITIZEN for snap style cases.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.283 $12.50


Movement Gauge

"Aluminum gauge measures movements in lignes, millimeters and American sizes."
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.292 $3.95

G-S Crystal Gauge

Still the best!!!
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.293 $3.95


Pin Pusher Wood Handle

Made for removing spring bars.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.300 $4.80


Watch Tester and Battery Tester - Renata

The smart and simple way to test analog quartz watches for mechanical defects.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.305 $54.00


Watch Hand Remover -Presto #1

Pusher blocks have fiber tips that will not mar the dial.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.310 $34.00

Bergeon Movement Holder

Reversible holder adjusts to fit calibers 3 3/4 to 11 ligne.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.403 $17.50

Bergeon Movement Holder

Larger holder for calibers 8 3/4 to 19 ligne.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.404 $17.50


Quartz Watch Tester Polytest 2000

"Checks battery, and contacts,quartz, circuit, etc w/o dismantling movement."
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.587 $212.50


Gucci Bracelet Tool

Swiss made. Remove bracelet screws easily.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.635 $32.00


Bergeon Hand Setting Tool

Two pierced end pieces fit hands without damaging them.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.641 $12.95


Bezel Remover

Ideal for removing solid gold Rolex bezels.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.665 $175.00


Watch Case Press with Aluminum Dies

Installs snap back cases and watch crystals.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.795 $35.95


Watch Crystal & Case Press with Non-Marring Dies

Screw down press for fitting mineral crystals.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.799 $19.95


Watch Case Dies for Rolex - Non Marring

Set of 4 straight plastic dies for fitting bezels on Rolex watches.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.812 $23.50


Tapered Dies

Set of seven tapered plastic dies for closing cases without maring.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.813 $29.50


Rolex Style Regulating Wrench

Precision tool for regulating Rolex wrenches.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.814 $24.95


Watch Crystal Cutter Kronoglass

"This machine lets you reproduce flat or concave mineral crystals with any bevel, any shape." Additional shipping charges apply.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.815 $5,500.00


Tube Inserting Tool for Rolex 6.0MM

Precision tool especially made for inserting new style Rolex case tubes.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.816 $35.00


Tube Inserting Tool for Rolex 5.3MM

Precision tool especially made for inserting new style Rolex case tubes.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.817 $35.00


Watch Case Opener for Gucci

Exclusive Cas-Ker Case Opener for Gucci is made to pry open notched case backs.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.818 $17.50


Watch Case Tube Taps for Rolex for 5.3MM Tubes

Precision tool for cleaning and truing case threads before installing new tubes.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.821 $35.00


Watch Case Tube Taps for Rolex for 6.0MM Tubes

Precision tool for cleaning and truing case threads before installing new tubes.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.822 $35.00


Watch Case Tube Tap Set of Two 5.3MM & 6.0MM

Precision tool for cleaning and truing case threads before installing new tubes.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.823 $50.00


Swiss Pocket Case Knife

"Excellent all-purpose case knife, closed length 3 1/2"", two blades."
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.883 $14.35


Quartz WatchTesters Witschi Cyclonic

"Drives all quartz watches by magnetic energy, which can be controlled in speed & intensity."
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
590.901 $385.00


Watch Case Opener for Rolex - Economy

"This opener comes wsith six milled chucks, diam. 18.5,20.2,22.5,26.5,28.3,and 29.5mm."
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
591.0637 $37.50


Vigor Circuit Maker

Repairs quartz analog & digital circuitry as well as any other fine wire circuits.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
591.0890 $16.95


Watch Automatic Oiler

"For oiling cap jewels, shock-absorbing devices without removal."
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
640.2718 $65.00


Bergeon Automatic Watch Tester

Winds and tests automatic winding mechanisms.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
640.5803 $550.00


Circuit Works Repair Pen

Makes instant silver conductive traces on most rigid and flexible surfaces.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
800.220 $22.50


Eveready Master Battery Replacement Kit

"194 Eveready Watch Batteries, 5 each of the 38 most popular batteries."
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
810.220 $155.00


Energizer Watch Battery Analyzer

Tests quickly without opening the case.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
810.222 $49.95


60 Drawer Cabinet.

Heavy Duty plastic cabinet is perfect for watch batteries & small parts. Additional Shipping Charge: $4.00 per cabinet if ording more than two.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
810.224 $25.00


One Step Watch Lubricant

"A stable emulsion which cannot separate, thus insuring even distribution of lubrication." Cannot be shipped by air or outside of the continental U.S.
SKU: Reg. Price   Qty.
820.510 $29.95

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